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White Dragon is Considered Neutral  (Article ID 105)

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Abstract: White Dragons (Soap), when represented as a zero, are considered neutral. When used as a zero, the soap isn’t considered a Dragon and isn’t required to match their partner suit. Therefore, in a grouping such as 2020, the 2s can be dots but do not have to be. 

Question from a player:  If I am playing a year hand where I need a White Dragon, must the number tiles be Dots? 
Answer from the NMJLThe White Dragon is usually a tile with a blue border around the edge. This is often referred to as “Soap. Only this Dragon can represent a zero. The Soap, when used as a zero, can be used with any suit. It can be used with Dots, Bams, Craks. There are four Soap Dragons.

Source: Mah Jongg Made Easy 2020 page 6 para. 3

“White Dragon when used as a zero does not have to match the symbol tile it is used with.  White Dragon as a zero is neutral” 
Other answers from the NMJL:  “The [number tile] may be played in Cracks, Bams, or Dots.  A White Dragon, when used as a ZERO, is considered to be neutral and therefore can be used with any suit.”  
Source for other answers: 

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White Dragon is Considered Neutral  (Article ID 105)
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