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Payout for a Self-Picked Singles and Pairs Hand  (Article ID 99)

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Abstract:  Singles and Pairs’ hands’ value aren’t doubled since they are already jokerless with the value is built into them. However, the hands would still be doubled if mah jongg is self-picked.  

Question from a player:  If I pick my own mah jongg tile in a Single and Pairs hand, do I get paid a bonus (double)?  On the back of the card it states:  “SINGLES & PAIRS – NO BONUS”. 
Answer from the NMJL:  “BONUS: When Mah Jongg is declared without a Joker, double the value is paid by all. Winning hand, which once contained Joker(s), which have been exchanged, is still considered Jokerless. Double value is paid by all. Exceptions: No Jokerless bonus is given for Singles and Pairs hands. These must be made without Jokers and are paid accordingly.

Source:  Back of NMJL Card. 

Other answers from the NMJL:
“The only bonus that is not given to a Singles and Pairs hand is the jokerless bonus since this bonus is already built into the hand’s value.  All other bonuses apply.” 
“The bonus rule applies to every hand on the card except the Singles and Pairs group.  If you mah jongg and there are no jokers in a hand and the hand is self-picked, then all the players give 4x the value of the hand.  If you may jongg on a discarded tile and there are no jokers in the hand, discarder gives 4x the value of the hand.  All others give 2x the value of the hand.  The rule of a bonus for making a hand jokerless adds excitement and gives the game a boost.  A player should think carefully before exchanging a joker for an exposure.  We urge you to give a bonus in all cases where a completed mah jongg hand contains no jokers.  We suggest a double score.  You are welcome to try any other amount for the bonus.”  
Source for other answers: National Mah Jongg League Bulletin Q&A (1996 page 5, 2018, 2019)

Payout for a Self-Picked Singles and Pairs Hand  (Article ID 99)
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