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Racking is not Mandatory (Article ID 10)

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Abstract: Racking is considered fully placing a tile on the sloped part of the rack. Tapping or merely touching your tile is not considered racking. This is not a rule but it is highly recommended because it closes the window of opportunity for another player to call the previously thrown tile

Question from a player: If a tile is not racked, when is the previous tile no longer available?

Answer from the NMJL: “Racking is not mandatory, although recommended after a player has picked a tile. The tile previously thrown is still ‘in play’ and may be called until the picked tile has been placed in the sloped portion of their rack or has been named and discarded.”

Source: Mah Jongg Made Easy page 21, #18; National Mah Jongg League Bulletin (2022)

Racking is not Mandatory (Article ID 10)
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