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Player Rotation (Article ID 71)

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Abstract: In a four-player game, East is what the league refers to as the original East or “the pivot for the day.” East rolls the dice to break the wall and the dice are given to the player on their right, and so on. After completing four games (i.e., round) and the dice arrive at the original East (i.e., pivot), East keeps the dice and switches seats (i.e., pivots) with the player to their right. This process repeats for the playing session.

Question from a player: How do we exchange seats when we are playing a four-handed game?

Answer from the NMJL: “When playing a four-handed game, there is no Bettor. To change the passing and picking in a four-handed game, the following method is used: The original East is “pivot” for the day. After each round, which consists of four games, the pivot who is the original East, changes seats with the player to the right. The pivot takes the dice to the new seat. After four more hands are played, the same procedure is repeated, with the pivot taking the dice, changing seats with the player on the right, and once again becoming East. This pattern continues throughout the game.  

Source: Mah Jongg Made Easy (2020 page 27, para 1)

Player Rotation (Article ID 71)
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