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Always Read What’s in Parentheses (Article ID 65)  

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Abstract:    In this 2020 hand,  33 66 99  3333 3333 it states in parentheses,  “any like kongs,”  Therefore, the kongs must match  either the 3s, 6s, or 9s.  This hand is very flexible as long as the  both kongs, whether, 3, 6 or 9 are matching sets.  An invalid hand would be: 33 66 99 3333 6666. 

Question from a player:  What does it  “any like kongs” mean?  
Answer from the NMJL:  “YES.  The Kongs must be played with matching numbers. They must be 1’s, 2’s or 8’s in the 2018 hand and must be 3’s, 6’s or 9’s i n the 369 hand.”  

 Source:   National Mah Jongg League Website FAQ 2019

Always Read What’s in Parentheses (Article ID 65)  
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