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_Knowledge Base Updates as of 11/10/2021

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New and Updates

Life Cycle of the National Mah Jongg League Card (Article ID #3): NEW

Commitment to Mah Jongg (Article ID #7) NEW from the NMJL

Calling a Discard that a Player Threw before they Picked (Article ID #9); NEW from the NMJL

Racking is not Mandatory (Article ID #10 ; NEW from the NMJL

Placement of a Called Tile (Article ID #5); Updated answer from the NMJL

Player Picks out of Turn (Article ID #70) updated answer from the NMJL

Protocol When Completing an Exposure with a Joker Exchange (Article ID #17) Updated

11/10/2021 Clarifications and Corrections

08/26/2021 NEW

03/26/2021 NEW

03/25/2021 ALL NEW


_Knowledge Base Updates as of 11/10/2021
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