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Joker Exchange Resulting in a Self-Picked Win (Article ID 45) 

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Abstract:  If a player does a Joker exchange which gives them mah jongg, it is considered a self-picked, and they are paid double the value of the hand. 

Question from a player:  Player A exposed two 7 Cracks and a joker.  Player B drew a 7 Crack, replaced Player A’s 7 Crack, then called “mahj” using the joker to complete her hand.  Did Player B draw it herself so all players pay her double, or did Player A give it to her since it was her joker that enabled Player B, meaning she only owes double? 
Answer from the NMJLPlayer B, by exchanging the joker and declaring mah jongg, is entitled to be paid double by all players, as she was the one instrumental in making her own mah jongg, just as if she had picked a joker from the wall.” 

Source:   Mah Jongg Made Easy (2020 page 21 #17, page 30 para. 3)

Other answers from the NMJL: 

“This exchange is self-picked and winner receives double from all players.” 
“If the exchange of the joker gave the player mah jongg, it is self-picked and all players pay double value to the declarer of mah jongg.” 
“The discarder of the tile that set the hand does not pay double when the exchange of the joker is made to complete the mah jongg.  The exchange is considered self-picked and winner received double value from all players.”  
Source for other answers:  National Mah Jongg League Bulletins  (1972 page 4, 1973 page 4, 1977 page 4, 1978 page 3, 1979 page 4, 1980 page 3, 1981 page 4, 1999 page 6, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017) 

Joker Exchange Resulting in a Self-Picked Win (Article ID 45) 
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