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A knowledge base is a repository of digital information to facilitate on-demand customer service. Here you will find content related to protocols, rulings, recommendations, and opinions from The National Mah Jongg League (NMJL) and other subject matter experts. Sources from the NMJL include Mah Jongg Made Easy, annual bulletins, cards, and letters to players. 

Each article has an identifier (ID).  You may find this ID helpful in your searches and future references.  If you have questions about any article, make note of the article then click this link to participate in forums:

We created abstracts in these articles based on our interpretation of the NMJL rulings. 

Questions regarding specific hands have been edited to be generic where the answer is reused.  In situations where the NMJL bulletin omitted a player’s question, we created a question to the best of our ability to precede the answer from the NMJL.  We have reworded questions for clarity in situations where a player’s question was ambiguous or complex.  

When an answer to a question is found in Mah Jongg Made Easy (MJME), it was used in the article. If it is not found in MJME, the most accurate answer from a bulletin was used. If articles had inconsistent answers from the NMJL, we’ve written to them on behalf of the community asking for clarification. We will update the article accordingly upon receipt of their response.

The sources are cited with the publication, year, and page number when available.    

If you have suggestions or ideas for an article you would like added to the Knowledge Base or if you have questions regarding any content herein, please contact us at

We’d like to acknowledge Johni Levene and Katie Albert whose contributions of the NMJL bulletins helped shape the Knowledge Base.  We’d also like to acknowledge Randy Hayes and Donna Eschen who helped to greatly improve the Knowledge Base through their eagle eyes and suggestions.  We appreciate all of your help. 

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_Introduction (Article ID 0)
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