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Mah Jongg Sets 101 (Article ID 111)

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An American mah jongg set consists of 152 tiles. 4 of each Dragon (white, Red and Green), 4 of each Wind (North, East, West & South), 8 Flowers, 8 Jokers and 1-9 of the 3 Suit (Bams, Dots & Craks).  In addition to the tiles,  most of the sets today come with racks that have a pusher attached.  Older sets came with racks only and pushers had to be purchased separately.  Other accessories include a betting cube, chips and dice, extra Flower tiles, Jokers and some blank tiles. Blank tiles can be used as substitutes for lost or damaged tiles. Most people print stickers for replacement tiles or have them engraved.


Mah Jongg Sets 101 (Article ID 111)
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