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Mah Jongg in Error with Three Dead Hands, Scenario 2 (Article ID 141)

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Player A declares mah jongg in error  Player A stops playing.
Player B throws in their hand Player B stops playing. 
Game proceeds with Player C and D
Player C has exposures showing they need a tile to complete a pair however all tiles were previously discarded Player C’s hand is declared dead by Player D. Player C pays Player D, double the value of the hand Player C was attempting to make. 
Player D has only intact hand. Player D collects payment from Player C.

Question from a player:  A player declares mah jongg in error and exposes their hand.  Another player exposes their hand without verifying mah jongg.  Two remaining players continue and one of them declares mah jongg in error.  What payment is due to the player whose hand is intact? 

Answer from the NMJL:   “If Player A declares Mah Jongg in error and one other player (Player B)  exposes part or all of their hand the game continues with the two remaining players (Player C & D)  whose hands are intact.  If Player C’s hand goes “dead”, Player C pays the remaining player (Player D)  double the value of the hand that Player C (3rd player)  was attempting to make.    

Source:   Mah Jongg Made Easy 2020, page 17 4 (b)

Mah Jongg in Error with Three Dead Hands, Scenario 2 (Article ID 141)
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