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Protocol When Completing an Exposure with a Joker Exchange (Article ID 17)

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Abstract:  When a discard has been called and an exposure has been completed, a player can still do a joker exchange as long as they have not discarded. Since this is considered a separate action,  the joker must be placed in the sloped part of the rack to be used later. In other words, the joker cannot be used in the exposure just made.  

Question from a player:  Can a player change their exposure after they have exchanged a joker but before their discard?  
Answer from the NMJL “Usually a player may add or subtract from an exposure before they discard a tile.  However, you may not make a change to an exposure if you have exchanged a joker before discarding.  Explanation:  A player has made an exposure of 2 tiles and a joker (pung).  She has another joker in her hand.  After she exposes, she does a joker exchange.  She then wants to add the joker she already has in her hand to her exposure to make a kong.  She is not allowed to change her exposure because a new action has taken place after the exposure and before discarding.” 

Source:  Letter from a player (2019)


Protocol When Completing an Exposure with a Joker Exchange (Article ID 17)
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