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Calling a Discard to Complete an Exposure (Article ID 16)

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Abstract:  The letter “X” shown to a hand’s right indicates that the hand is an exposed hand, meaning you may call a tile and expose it to complete a pung, kong, quint, or sextet.  A tile may be called by any player at anytime during the game. 

Question from a player:   If I am playing a hand with an “X” can I claim a discard to complete a block of tiles?

Answer from the NMJL:   “In an exposed hand which requires pungs or kongs of Flowers, a call and exposure can be made during the play at any time.”

Source:   Mah Jongg Made Easy (2020 page 12, Choosing a Hand; pages 14-15, The Play)

Other Sources:  National Mah Jongg League Bulletin Q&A (1971 page 5, 1972 page 5, 1982 page 3, 1983 page 4, 1984)

Calling a Discard to Complete an Exposure (Article ID 16)
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