Category - Rules

Protocols, regulations, etc.

Changing an Exposure (Article ID 158)

If a player inadvertently exposes the wrong tiles or exposes too many jokers, they can add to or take away from the current exposure as long as they have not discarded. After a player has discarded, exposures on their rack cannot be changed.
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Commitment to Calling a Discard (Article ID 21)

A commitment to a called tile occurs when a player either exposes tiles on the flat part of their rack, placed the called tile on the flat part of their rack or placed the called tile on the sloping part of their rack along with their other tiles. 
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Commitment to Mah Jongg (Article ID 7)

If a player completes an exposure and then brings other tiles to the flat part of his rack thinking he might have mah jongg but declares, "I can't do that," he can return those additional tiles back to his rack as long as he has not verbalized mah jongg.
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