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Call for a Discard Must be Verbalized (Article ID 57)

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Abstract:  A player must verbalize their intention to call a discarded tile. They can say, “call,” “I want it, “I’ll take it,” or any variation thereof as long as they verbalize their intentions before picking up the discard.   

Question from a player:  A player discards a tile.  The next player in turn wants to call that discard for exposure – does not say anything – and simply picks up the discard and makes her exposure. 
Answer from the NMJLTo claim a discard, the player must verbalize her call letting the other players know that she is claiming that discard.  She may say, “call”, “take”, “I want that”, etc.”  
Source:  Mah Jongg Made Easy 2020 page 14

Call for a Discard Must be Verbalized (Article ID 57)
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