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Blind Passing When Multiple Players are Involved (Article ID 152)

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Abstract:  During the Charleston, there are occasions when everyone wants to pass blind. The process is what done with an IOU beginning with East.  For example, East has one tile to pass, the other players have two tiles to pass. East passes one tile and says, “I owe you two more.” The player to their right is able to pass one blind, to their player on their left, and so on.  When East gets their full pass from the player on their left, they fulfill their IOU of two tiles to the player on their right. 

Question from a player:  What do we do when everyone wants to pass blind in the Charleston?

Answer from the League:  In the event that more than one person wants to do a blind pass, East begins by passing 1, 2 or 3 tiles, and says to the next player I. O. U. Each player repeats the same thing, with East picking up their last pass of that Charleston and making good to the player to whom they owe tile(s). 

Source: Mah Jongg Made Easy (2020, pg 13)

Blind Passing When Multiple Players are Involved (Article ID 152)
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