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5th Player Betting Rules and Payment (Article ID 150)

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A variation created by the National Mah Jongg League supports a 5-player game.  Some people call this, “playing with a bettor”, or “5th player betting” Here’s how it works.:

The game begins with four players seated at the table while the 5th player sits out.  The 5th player is called the “bettor.” 

After the Charleston, the bettor chooses who they think will win. Their bet is cast on a betting disk with indicators related to the seated players. Number 1 is East, number 2 is the player seated to the right of East, and so on. There is also an indicator for the wall. If the bettor does not think any player will win, they select this indicator.

Once the bettor makes their choice, they rotate the disk to the applicable indicator, then they place the disk upside down on the table.

Payouts are made after the game. The player who was East vacates their seat and they become the next bettor. The previous bettor takes the empty seat.

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5th Player Betting Rules and Payment (Article ID 150)
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